From Bali: Overnight Trip to Ijen Crater and Blue Flames marvelous phenomenon

2 Days


Bali - Ijen Overnight Tour offers an unforgettable journey from Bali to the landscapes of Mount Ijen. Experience an overnight adventure, exploring volcanic and local cultures. A memorable adventure! Bali - Mount Ijen Overnight Adventure: Discovering Mystical Wonders This isn't just a trip; it's a voyage into the mystical realms of the Ijen volcano. Imagine trekking under the starry night sky to witness one of the world's rarest natural phenomena – the mesmerizing Blue Fire of Ijen, a surreal sight found in only a few places on Earth. High points of your experience include: - Enjoy the peace of the night while stargazing amid Mount Ijen's silence, a peaceful experience away from city lights. - The magic of this ethereal blue spectacle emerges before your eyes as you ascend the volcanic pathways. Watch in awe as the Ijen crater emerges before dawn, its glistening turquoise lake setting off the ominous blue flames that dance along the sulphurous cliffs. Make lifelong memories by recording this unique event. - Sunrise Spectacle begin with a breathtaking sunrise that paints the sky in pink and gold against the ethereal backdrop of Mount Ijen. You'll stand at the rim of the Ijen crater as the sun rises, revealing the surreal turquoise crater lake surrounded by otherworldly landscapes. - Nature's Treasure Hunt Explore the lush surroundings of Mount Ijen to discover deep woods, and other natural beauties. Set out from Bali on a thrilling overnight adventure to Mount Ijen, a place of fascinating contrasts. Our journey promises to take you deep into the wonders of nature and the diversity of human culture, going beyond simple exploration. Experience the uncommon occurrence of ethereal blue flames dancing in the darkness of the Ijen Crater, which captivates every visitor. This trip only take less than 24 hours! After this captivating adventure, we'll ensure your safe return to your hotel, where you can reminisce about the day's wonders. We will enjoy a Bali-Java journey, exploring hidden beaches, witnessing the mesmerizing blue fire at Ijen Crater (conditions permitting, and savoring scenic landscapes. Book your Ijen Volcano Trek today and be among the fortunate few who've witnessed the mystical Blue Fire up close. An adventure like no other awaits!


  • Witness the blue fire phenomenon at Ijen Crater, a mesmerizing natural display.
  • Hike to Ijen's summit for a breathtaking sunrise, unveiling volcanic terrain.
  • Traditional sulfur mining practices and immerse yourself in the rich culture.
  • 60-minute ferry ride from Gilimanuk Harbor to Java Island, offering picturesque.
  • Experience the thrill of an unpredictable adventure.


Day 1 :

Includes / Excludes


  • Private Local Hiking Guide (English)
  • Sea-Side Lunch at Local Rest. (Noodles with vegetables and Egg)
  • Respirator Gas Safety Mask
  • Flash-Light
  • Private Transportation
  • Pick-Up Drop at the Hotel
  • All Admission to Mt. Ijen


  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips

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From Bali: Overnight Trip to Ijen Crater and Blue Flames marvelous phenomenon
From Rp1.900.000
/ Adult